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Sneakpeak is the only place where hundreds of enthusiasts of  sneakers, streetwear, hiphop, business and pop-culture can unite to buy, sell and trade items and network with each other!
Get ready for our third Make It Pop pop-up event with many new additions and surprises such as special guests, our Sneakpeak Hype Carnival, our delicious fresh Sneakeats menu, and much more.
Browse our various vendors booths and see what they have for sale – from exclusive sneakers and streetwear, to rare vintage, to accessories, to stunning handmade art, and everything in between. You can also bring your items with you to sell to anyone!
As always, we are offering a free sneaker cleaning service!
Bring a friend, we’ll see you there!


You Are The Culture

Sneakpeak is a platform whose main goal is to celebrate and develop urban culture through sneakers.



Laury Trudel

What I experienced at Sneakpeak that surprised me is how kind the sellers are to each other. You would expect that a table would try to over shine another but it is really not the case. Everyone is super friendly and helpful and there to have a good time!

Laury Trudel

Samy Benhamed

I would definitely recommend Sneakpeak for any Sneaker or Fashion enthusiast, it’s not only a great networking event, but also a great way for sneaker heads to cop some new gear.

Samy Benhamed

Joseph Warash

If you’re into sneakers or streetwear this is a great place to make connections, meet new people, buy some grails and get good deals this is the place for you.

Joseph Warash

John Dee

It was a pleasant experience and I would definitely come to Montreal to show some love again forsure. I met a bunch of amazing and real people.

John Dee


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about iamge

Meet the founder

Ambitious, passionate, and highly dedicated to his craft, Yohan Rebboh has taken the Canadian sneaker scene by storm by hosting one of the most entertaining and memorable sneaker conventions out there.

Hip-Hop lover, basketball player and sneaker expert with an eye for business, he has been studying the sneaker culture for the past 8 years. To date, Sneakpeak has brought thousands of people together, a feat not many people have achieved yet in Montreal.

His nationwide plans to unite every sneaker, fashion, dance, and Hip-Hop enthusiast in North America has surprised those who doubted him, impressed those closest to him and intrigued businessmen following him.

Yohan plans to bring a whole new type of event to the world combining 3 very connected worlds - sneakers, music, dance - to make a festival guaranteed to be a hit!