Sneakpeak MTL is a Montreal-based company 100% dedicated to hosting semi-annual massive quality sneaker conventions for the people of Canada. It captivates every aspect of the sneaker culture in one day while uniting all sneakerheads under one roof.


Our last show in August was one of the biggest sneaker conventions in the history of Montreal and now we are BACK! Ya’ll already know what it is so bring as many kicks as you can carry to the Trading Pit for a full day of selling and trading, and if you’re buying get that cash ready. The main stage will be lit with panel discussions, special performances and more…so make sure to do all of your homework, take the day off work, and get your travel plans ready because on February 24th and 25th it’s about to go down at Plaza Evo!

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“The sneaker reselling market has grown from a niche interest into an industry worth an estimated US$1.2 billion per year in the U.S. alone, fuelled by celebrity culture and made more accessible through the Internet and social media.”

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“there will be over 5,000 sq.ft of people buying, selling, customizing and trading sneakers, with thousands of brands on site, as well as local vendors and private collectors. There’s also giveaways, raffles, local artists and more!”

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