Vendor Info


Showcase your amazing collection to Canada’s sneaker community for everybody to admire and drool over! Also, you can promote any business material or companies you associate yourself with as well! This option is perfect for established OG sneakerheads who have a business and have been collecting sneakers for years.

Business Owner

If you’re a business owner whose clientele are people ranging from 16-40 years old, interested in streetwear, fashion and sneakers, you absolutely cannot miss out on this opportunity! The chance to promote your business to a room full of your EXACT clientele almost never happens. Expand your audience and engage with young, passionate sneakerheads and apparel collectors.

Individual Seller

If you have a bunch of sneakers and clothing in your possession, you might as well sell them in front of hundreds of people for extra cash, right?! To make sure you sell well, keep up with the market values of your products and make sure not to overprice them too much. Although, people will pay top price for a product they have been searching for for a while.


Whether its customizing sneakers or painting them on canvases, sneaker art is something everybody enjoys and personally one of my favorite aspects of the culture. Not only do you have the chance to show the world your passion and skills, but you can also make a good money selling your art to our attendees! You can do a live custom of sneakers or showcase your previous art for people to enjoy and admire.